Puff cookies

Puff pastry with sesame seeds «Grilýaž»

  • Information

  • Nutrition Value

  • Ingerdients

  • Expiration date: 6 months.

    Store at temperature (18 ± 3) °C and humidity not higher than 75%.

    Does not contain GMOs.

    The product is certified.

    Made in Turkmenistan.

  • Nutritional value per 100 grams of product:

    proteins - 5.0 g;

    fats - 23.0 g;

    carbohydrates - 59.0 g;

    Energy value: 463 kcal.

  • high-quality wheat flour,

    margarine (natural oil and refined oils with a smell in natural and solid form, emulsifiers, mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, esters of polyglycerides and fatty acids, soy lecithin E322),


    powdered sugar,

    sesame seeds,

    starch syrup,


    food salt,

    natural dye "Caramel",

    dry milk whey,

    flavoring "Plombir", flavoring "Vanillin", baking powder sodium metabisulfite E223.